AAA Storage Site Security

Our Vcenter2 Pro with Six DVR/NVR systems attached for remote Off-Site backup recording

We know you value the property you place into storage, and so security is very important.

And, we know most of our competitors don’t like to talk about how secure their facility is, or break-ins and theft from storage units. It has happened to every facility, just some more than others.

FACT: You can’t stop all of the bad guys.

Typically, what we get is good video and the bad guys get an all expense paid vacation at taxpayer expense, thanks to law enforcement’s hard work.

We use the same security software that major casinos in Las Vegas and banks nationwide do. Typically the “smart” crooks would say let’s break into the on-site office and steal or destroy the video camera servers… except in our case the feeds are live across both the internet and a private microwave link to a control center at another location many, many miles away.

For example, if the camera cables are cut (video lost) or the lens is spray painted, phone line is cut or electric power is cut, or the site office door is forced open, an alert (failure) email goes out via the internet and a text message is sent via a cell phone modem inside the site office..

We can’t stop them, but the bad guys may have very limited time before the silent electronic alarms result in a police patrol car.

And yes, we can view our camera system and the alert messages on Android, Iphone, tablets and cell phones.

Two cameras specifically designed for license plate capture records the vehicle license plates day or night at our security gate. All of our cameras see in near total darkness using digital signal processing and “sens-up” image processing,

We use Bosch PTZ TCP/IP cameras such as VG5-723-ECE2 which is an AUTO TRACKING NETWORK PTZ Camera.