unit access is 24 hrs 365 days per year


clovis computer secured slide gate
Our Security Cameras, Bosh VG5 autotrak PTZ, Arecont AV8365DNGeovision DVR/NVR
Walk-In Climate Controlled Storage

We Offer Up to TWO MONTHS FREE RENT & FREE HIGH SECURITY LOCK FOR PRE-PAID LONG TERM RENTALS.Ph. 806-701-5660 or Click Blue Telephone Icon Lubbock Manager “Alexis” lives on the property 806-500-0958Para Espanol: 325-280-9685 o Haga Clic en el Icono de Espanol
se habla espanolOUTDOOR DRIVE UP
8×10 $48.00
10×16 $75.00
10×24 $99.00
10×30 $119.00


5×5 $38.00
5×7 $48.00
5×10 $65.00
10×10 $89.00

5×5 $48.00
5×7 $58.00
5×10 $85.00
10×10 $109.00
12×15 $170.00 Map & Directions Online Account Access for payments  www.emove.com
FREE Over the Phone Credit, Debit and E-check payments DRIVE INSIDE Climate Control –

Large Storage Units
20×40 with two 8ft doors

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Featuring a Drive Inside Climate Controlled Storage.Access your unit 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year!

Our drive inside climate control spaces let you park your vehicle inside our building to load and unload your furniture, art, and valuable possessions in the comfort and security of our storage warehouse, no summer sun, rain, or winter snow or ice.

Unit Access is 24/7/365 - Office Hours


MONDAY 9:00AM – 6:00PM
TUESDAY 9:00AM – 6:00pm
THURSDAY 9:00AM – 6:00pm
FRIDAY 9:00AM – 6:00PM


24 Hour Move-In
Need to move in after-hours? Our onsite manager can get you moved in at any time, day or night (there is a $25 service charge for move-ins between 6:00 PM and 9:00 AM).
Student Discounts and Specials

$139.00 all inclusive summer 5x5 CLIMATE Unit w lock. April 15 to Aug 28.

We offer student specials to any student renting for 90 days or more. We will pro-rate you to the day you move in and move out, and give you 10% off our regular prices. *You must pay for the entire rental period up front, and it is NOT REFUNDABLE unless you are active duty military with a change of duty station.

Student Specials

Security Cameras Everywhere...

While on site you will notice that there is a video camera looking at you, no matter where you go in our facility. While cameras don't prevent crimes, they do greatly assist law enforcement in determining who did what and when.

Moving to Lubbock ?

We make it easy for out of town customers... Just Call us, download our contract, fill out and sign, then scan the completed contract and your Driver's License, State ID, or Passport (DO NOT SCAN US MILITARY IDS PLEASE), email it to ***new.rentals@aaa-storage.co***, and pay online with Uhaual's Emove using Credit or Debit Cards and Echecks. Pay by Phone is available at no additional charge using Credit, Debit, or Echeck.


Online Account Access - Existing Customers Only

Payments via Credit and Debit Cards of E-Checks thru Emove.com, in person or over the telephone. Personal & Business Checks (your out of town check is OK!), and Cash are accepted.

You can make a cash payment on-site and get a signed receipt.

We always email you a receipt for your money order, personal or bank check left in the drop box or sent by US Mail.

BE SURE TO WRITE YOUR NAME AND UNIT NUMBER CLEARLY ON CHECKS AND ESPECIALLY ON MONEY ORDERS. Cash Payments should be double enveloped, put the money in one envelope, put the DATE PAID, your Name, Unit number and Dollar amount enclosed. Then place that envelope into another envelope and just write “storage payment”.

We pro-rate your rent on move-in. If you move out during the month without notice, you just pay the entire months rent. If you give 30 days notice, we will pro-rate your rent to the day when you are out.

Discounted long term rent is not refundable if you move out early, it’s a lease.

Our Fees

What a lot of people in our business don't tell you is how much they make on Storage unit rental fees. If you are late (1) one day, it can cost you $25. Check any storage facility contract for fees, including ours, and you will see a host of fees and charges. Our difference is that we use those fees to reign in people who don't act reasonably, can't follow rules, and take advantage of us and you, our tenants.

We don't charge everyone we can a fee as a way to improve profits on our storage unit rentals.

Our Philosophy

AAA Self Storage in Northwest Lubbock, Texas welcomes you to our facility. We hope to make your storage experience as pleasurable as it can be. Our prices are set to be in the middle of the market, or average. What makes us "Low Cost" is that we offer very secure, clean, and friendly drive in climate, walk up climate, and drive up storage with electricity and light in each unit that is competitive with the best offered at a mid-market price. Our storage unit rentals in Lubbock Texas offer more Security Cameras than anyone else, 24 hour access, individual coded security gates and our low prices.

We offer

*Long term discounts
* Military Discounts
* Student Discounts
* Friendly Service

Good things to Know about Storage

When storing items for more than a short period of time:

LUBBOCK has dust storms. 60mph winds with dust will get into everything that is not sealed or covered. Tape seal all boxes, use plastic to cover fabric furniture, mattresses and box spring units (and store them UP OFF THE FLOOR of the unit), and do not store clothes by hanging them in the unit.

DO NOT STORE DRY FOOD – ramen in plastic bags, dry goods, and similar products attract rodents. They will eat their way into the food and infest your unit and those around you.

If you must store food, PLACE ANY FOOD ITEMS IN PLASTIC TUBS and tape them shut.

Store wood furniture so that it is not in direct contact with the concrete floor. High humidity days will form condensation on the concrete floor and can harm your good wood furniture.

If your next door neighbor drops a car battery next to your unit, the sulfuric acid can flow under the unit wall and damage your property.

So, consider the unexpected, think about your Renter's or Home Owner's Insurance and call your agent so you know what is covered and what is not covered.

Keeping your Property Safe

We have a state of the art high tech security system, but just as you have seen on the News, people do amazingly stupid things… Even with an intergrated security sytem with burglar alarms on some large units, security cameras that see in the dark, a computerized gate, a barbed wire security fence, and regular patrols of the entire facility during business hours crime can still occur, so…

Use a round chrome or stainless steel disc lock. Over the last 30 years, the majority of storage units burglarized nationwide used a cheap ($5) simple padlock that was cut quickly off by an under $20 cost pair of bolt cutters. Most thieves don’t have Klein, Krenn or Porter $2-$300 bolt cutters. Round Chrome Disc high security locks require power tools or professional grade bolt cutters to remove and are usually too much time and trouble for the bad guys. They are absolutely worth the extra cost.

Heads up on your Insurance Coverage

Some important things to know about insurance when storing your goods:

Only Government Flood insurance covers damages due to flood or surface water, including rust, mold and mildew.

Uhaul’s SafeStor insurance now covers Rodent and Insect damages, whereas most homeowner’s, renter’s and other storage insurance policies do not. Coverage Includes:

Building collapse
Leaking water

Burglary – now offering 100% coverage if requested. Must be visible signs of forced entry and a police report must be filed.


Financial records
Deeds & documents
Works of art
Precious stones
Garments trimmed w/ fur
Motorized vehicles (licensed or not, such as motor scooters, ATVs, motorcycles, and/or lawnmowers).
No coverage for loss caused by or resulting from war, flood (or surface water), or climatic conditions like rust or mildew.

Our Location in Northwest Lubbock


AAA Self Storage is located at 2213 Quaker at the intersection of Clovis Rd./Highway 84 and North Quaker on the South West corner of the intersection.

Google Map & Directions

11You will see security cameras everywhere at our facility. We use Geovision, the number One worldwide security systems vendor.